Torturous Hours in a Face Mask

Sure, face masks are vital. They lock out those airborne pathogens that would have ended up being inhaled. But for each hour you spend in it, discomfort grows. The air gets stuffy. You get sweaty. Breathing becomes difficult. And smelling your own breath all day is not exactly a walk in the park either.

Discomfort is the leading cause of people choosing to avoid wearing face masks in public. Reports of nausea, sweating and breathlessness are common.  The masks themselves don’t compromise your oxygen levels. However, the lengthy periods in the face masks can cause some to feel dizzy or winded.

From your day-to-day work activities, those making long-transit rides and flights where you are cooped up in a train or plane for hours and can't risk taking off the mask, to health care workers and other personnel in highly infectious environments – protecting yourself is vital.  However, this doesn’t have to be at the expense of your own comfort.  That’s where IPO’s aroma patch comes in. 

Don't Choke Up – Breathing Made Easier with M-Patch 

M-Patch brings a cooling effect and refreshing scent to your face mask. Simply place one M-Patch directly on the face mask (on the outer side) and go about your business. It relies on the power of natural oils to make breathing easier through those hours of your day. 

The first of these oils is peppermint, which clears the sinuses and relieves headaches. It’s one of the popular aromatherapy essential oils, with usage being recorded as far back as in ancient Greek and Rome civilizations. Bergamot - another key ingredient in the patch - has its soothing aroma. The essential oil finds alternative uses in scented homemade candles and air fresheners, where it is dabbed in vaporizers or added to potpourri. With M-Patch, you get its soothing effects on-the-go.

Lemon oils used in the M-Patch on the other hand help in reducing stress and have an energizing effect.  Eucalyptus oil kicks in to freshen the breath. Did you know that inhaling steam that has this essential oil is a common way of alleviating respiratory conditions like asthma and sinusitis? This is because of the direct effect of eucalyptus oil on the mucous membranes, loosening up the mucus.

The patch ends up giving you a cocktail of essential oils that make those long hours in the facemask not only bearable, but pleasant. There are no parabens, sulfates or other harmful chemicals to worry about here. You get that spa-like feel, while still protecting yourself all day. The effectiveness of each patch lasts for up to 8 hours.