"Invest your time, and money to buy good skincare products that work for you.  You will look, and feel better about yourself"  - Michelle Kim/CEO


Based in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, IPO (It’s Perfect On) Cosmetics is the company behind the 4-Step Facial , an innovative, easy-to-use, spa-like skin care system that combines four premium skincare products in one easy-to-use tear off pouch. IPO’s 4-Step Facial consists of four complete premium skin care products packaged in one convenient pouch that is designed for busy, on-the-go women - and men - who want a complete yet simple skin care system that can fit in to their lifestyle. With the 4-Step Facial pouches, you can try 8 premium products without committing to spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products.

Our patented 4-Step Facial and packaging design is the vision of our founder Michelle Kim, a successful fashion designer and founder of successful contemporary brands that sold in top retail stores in the U.S. and internationally. Beyond fashion, Michelle always had an innate curiosity and drive to learn everything she could about the exciting world of beauty, especially skincare. As a fashion designer and executive, Michelle traveled extensively and often sacrificed her skincare routine on the road. She experienced the difficulty of packing several bulky skincare products that not only took up valuable space in her carry-on, but often broke or exploded and ruined her belongings. The desire to streamline complicated skincare routines into simple, travel-friendly, easy to follow packaging, led to the creation of IPO Cosmetics and the production of game-changing products that is unlike anything on the market today. Not to mention, our pouches are TSA-compliant, packaged responsibly, and won’t leak!

Michelle believes that everybody deserves to have better skin by using premium high-grade products that are affordable and easy to use. To experience the luxury of premium skincare, even for a day, is the mission of IPO Cosmetics 4-Step Facial.