Freshness for your mask!

Face coverings can be hot, stuffy and a little uncomfortable at times. We’ve all been there!

Introducing the M-Patch!

M-Patch is a top-grade soft felt patch infused with our special blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon and bergamot essential oils. Fresh and soothing with an instant cooling effect! Benefits of use may include clearing sinuses, soothing headaches and increased energy and alertness.

The M-Patch is applied on top of the face mask anywhere you desire and instantly freshens the air in your mask for up to 8 hours.

Experience aromatherapy in a new way during the activities that still require a facial covering such as: in medical settings, on public transportation including air travel, and where businesses require.

The the M-Patch makes face masks so relaxing and comfortable, you won’t even remember you’re wearing one.