4 Skin Myths That Are Making Your Skin More Oily

Dealing with oily skin has its fair share of struggles. Can you skip the moisturizer or wash your face multiple times a day to keep that sebum production under control? Unfortunately, these are just some of the myths being peddled around, and some of them do more harm to your skin. Let's debunk these common myths.

Myth #1: You don't need moisturiser for oily skin

All skin types need moisturisation – and moreso if you have oily skin. Why? It helps reduce the rate at which your sebaceous glands release oil. There are also moisturizers that have been developed for people with oily skin, with ingredients that keep the skin hydrated and prevent it from releasing excess oil.

Myth #2: Daily exfoliation keeps the skin oil-free

Too much exfoliation is not good for your skin. It actually strips away the natural oils that you need to maintain healthy skin. A general rule of thumb is that you should not exfoliate more than twice a week. When exfoliating, work with a gentle scrub that gets rid of the dead cells and removes the excess oil while still hydrating the skin.

Myth #3: More sun helps dry up oily skin

It actually kicks sebum production into hyperdrive. Unprotected sun exposure increases damage. Instead of the desired "drying effect", it makes the skin so dehydrated that the sebaceous glands bump up production, resulting in more oil being released.

Speaking of sun protection, sunscreen usually gets misconceived as being greasy and making oily skin worse. However, this depends on the particular product you’re using. When shopping for sunscreen, go for a product that is breathable, particularly formulated as oil-free, and not to clog pores. Sun protection is needed, and a light-weight formulation with soothing ingredients like cucumber, green tea and aloe vera will enable you to protect your skin and keep it hydrated.

Myth #4: Washing the skin more than twice a day will reduce oil production

On the contrary. Frequently scrubbing the skin with multiple washes causes it to get too dry – and it compensates for this by producing even more oil. Having a daily cleansing regimen - with a gentle product that is used in the morning and the night, coupled with a weekly exfoliation to remove the dead skin - will be more beneficial for your skin.

There you have it. Don’t believe every claim that is made out there. Following a regular skin care regimen, maintaining a proper diet and exercising all combine to give you healthy, glowing skin.