Skin Care Month with IPO Cosmetics

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) designated November as the National Healthy Skin Month, with the annual event first being celebrated in November 1997. Given that we're charging full throttle into the busy holiday season, now's the ideal time to put some serious thought into the health of your skin - and the care needed to protect it. After all, it’s the body’s largest organ, and you want it to be vibrant. The weeks ahead you will be facing cool and dry winter air, which dehydrates the skin. 

So, what’s the National Healthy Skin Month all about?  In this annual event, the dermatologists and the AAD carry out awareness campaigns showcasing the importance of proper skin care, and giving tips on how people from all walks of life can undertake to protect it, as well as their hair and nails. 

Learning about the skin is key for different reasons. Any changes may be a sign of issues with the overall health. Problems like rashes or itching can be due to anything from an allergic reaction or an infection, to an autoimmune disease. Noticed a new growth? This can even be a pointer to skin cancer. The more attention that you pay to your skin, the better placed you will be to take care of your body's general health and wellness. 

Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin This November

Don't be quick to ditch the sunscreen. 

It may not be beach weather, but that doesn’t mean that the sun will not affect your skin. You still need protection from UV radiation, especially on the parts of the skin with more sun exposure, like the face. 

Tone down on the tanning beds. 

That warm tanning bed is tempting, especially when temperatures drop outside. However, indoor tanning beds are associated with a 75% increase in chances of developing melanoma - with the risk intensifying with each round of usage. 

Moisturize through and through

Noticed how, of late, the plants need to be watered more frequently? Humidity levels drop in the winter. As the air dries out, it tries to get more humidity from surrounding sources. Humans are a perfect target, given that your body is basically 70% water. The skin ends up feeling dry, and extra help is needed to counteract the effects – which is where moisturizers like the cream that’s part of the Recover 4-Step Facial come in handy. 

Time for a check-up

The late fall and winter period is a great time to go for a full body screening. During these months the skin is more pale than usual, making it easier for the dermatologist to assess irregular spots.