Bringing The Spa-Effect To Your Face Mask

Your face mask keeps you safe from pathogens emitted by others, and also keeps you from spreading infections to them. It's pretty much standard during this COVID era. The protection is critical – but at what cost? 

The longer you remain in the face mask, the more discomfort you experience.  The air gets hot and stuffy as you go about your day’s activities. Breathing becomes laborious. Taking in your mouth’s breath as the day progresses can even end up getting nauseating at some point. Sweat, itching, skin sensitivity – different effects contribute to this.

You may want to take off the face mask, but that would be putting your health on the line. For instance, healthcare professionals stay for long hours in the face mask. A study done on the personnel wearing PPE when caring for COVID-19 patients in New York City reported adverse effects like headaches (the most common), skin breakdown, acne, impaired cognition and skin sensitivity. The issues were exacerbated in persons who already had some of the conditions. 

You can protect yourself, and still be comfortable in the face mask. How? M-Patch. 

Breathing Easier with Natural Oils On Your Face Mask

M-Patch is a soft felt patch that is infused with natural oils and placed on the face mask to bring an instant aromatherapy effect – that lasts for as long as 8 hours. These oils include:

  • Peppermint - Clears your sinuses, and the essential oil is even used as a remedy for headaches
  • Eucalyptus - Freshens your breath on the go, and you get to breathe easier as well. The invigorating scent of this natural oil sees people using it with diffusers or steam bowls. Some even go adding it to their morning showers, sprinkling the oil on the shower walls away from the water spray, and breathing in the soothing vapors. M-Patch enables you to have this effect right on your face mask. 
  • Lemon - Noticed how having lemon-scented products in your home lifts the mood? Now with M-Patch, you get to go around being more energetic, while also reducing your stress levels. A study on fourth graders showed them concentrating and being more alert in their classroom where lemon oil had been diffused. 
  • Bergamot - It comes with a calming and soothing effect. An article published in the Current Drug Targets journal shows the benefits of bergamot (and other essential oils) in relieving depression and anxiety, with another Japanese study showing how inhaling bergamot oil and water vapor mixture helped reduce feelings of fatigue and anxiety. 

Whether it is in public settings including air and rail travel, your office space, or in the heat of the medical environment, M-Patch allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable for those hours you’ll be in your face mask.