Skin Recovery from the Summer Holidays

You’ve had a relaxing time, and now the summer holidays are drawing to a close – but when you look in the mirror, the skin appears to have had its fair share of troubles. The combination of tanning, sunbathing, those hours spent in pools, and the higher temperatures over the recent months take a toll on the skin. Does your skin feel rougher? Has it gotten flakier? Is there some callosity and 'thickening' because of the sun’s effects? Then there are the increased free radicals caused by more exposure to UV radiation, as well as the reduction in the collagen fibers of the skin. There are also those who get brown pigmentation on the skin, which looks like freckles that develop over the beach holiday months. Whichever the case, it's time to revitalize your skin as you prepare to get back to work.

Bringing Back The Radiance To Your Skin

  • Cleanse away the dead skin

  • First off is getting rid of all those dead skin cells. There are different ways to approach this. For instance, you can work with a herbal peeling treatment, go all natural with fruit acid peelings, or take a visit to your local aesthetician and have some micro-dermabrasion done. This also has the benefit of stimulating blood flow to the skin, and speeding up regeneration as the skin will be more receptive to subsequent ingredients applied to it. Sounds taxing? You can go the quick route of regularly giving your face a gentle massage with the non abrasive scrubbing gel that's part of the Glam 4Step Facial, which you can whip out anywhere – at home or as you’re up and about your activities. The key ingredient here, green tea flake, soothes and firms up your skin while still delivering the anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. 

  • The moisturizing treatment

  • The skin has been losing moisture at a higher rate during those hot months. Here, instead of greasing up with products whose ingredients will simply be washed off the next time you hop into the shower, you want treatments that will provide a longer lasting effect. This is what you get with the hydrating sheet mask that's the next stage of the Recover 4-Step kit. Leave it on for around 20 minutes for it to infuse the skin with its ingredients – especially the Centella Asiatica extract that rejuvenates your skin, strengthening it and improving its elasticity. 

  • Apply the moisturizing cream on your face and neck

  • The Recover 4-Step facial also comes with a moisturizing cream that you use to massage your face and neck. Here, its power lies in the green tea extract. The benefits of this have been well documented, from improving skin elasticity to reducing damage that has been caused by sun exposure. It also further enhances the moisturizing effect. In fact, green tea extract is actually used as part of the treatment programs of skin conditions like dermatitis, warts and rosacea. 

  • Bring back that youthful appearance with the eye cream

  • Now for your eyes. Restore that youthful vitality with the eye cream in the Recover kit, which you simply pat around your eyes and lips. Here, its key ingredient is the Calendula flower extract, whose value ranges from enhancing skin hydration and making it more firm and elastic – which is particularly beneficial in delaying signs of aging, antioxidant properties which counteract the skin damage that has been caused by oxidative stress (whose leading cause is actually increased exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation), and even promoting wound healing by increasing collagen production.