Skin Care Transition from Summer to Autumn

Leaves are changing color, acorns falling, hawks and geese flying out – autumn is here. The air gets crisper, and the winds harsher. As plants and animals alike gear up for the changes, we also need to prepare. What plans do you have for your skin as we get into the cooler months ahead? Are you dealing with damage caused by the summer holidays?  Let’s delve into how you can make the transition with your skin care program.

  • Exfoliation time

The first item you need in your skincare kit: a cleanser, but not just any product. "Stripping" the skin can go horrendously wrong if you’re working with an inappropriate agent. For instance, products with sodium lauryl sulfate cause increased irritation for persons with sensitive skin. Go for a gentle cleaner with comes with nourishing ingredients, that way as it cleans the skin, it also infuses it with agents that revitalize it. You can get this with the exfoliating scrub that’s part of the Glam 4-Step Facial, which bases its action on ingredients like the Camellia sinensis extract with green tea flake, that comes with anti-aging and skin-firming effects.

  • Hydrating your skin

Your goals here are twofold: replenishing the hydration that the skin lost during those hot summer months, and keep it soft and supple for the Fall ahead. The plummeting temperatures come with falling humidity levels, meaning that your skin will be surrounded by drier air – and needs to be prepped with hydrating agents.

For stance, the hydration cream that's with IPO's Glam leverages on power of the cucumber extract – which is loaded with nutrients like vitamin C that stimulates new cell growth, folic acid that helps your skin battle those environmental toxins that contribute to premature aging, antioxidants that come with anti-wrinkling properties.

Planning to go on an autumn holiday? As you head out to colder climates, you may be frustrated by having to pack more hydrating products – adding to your luggage load. However, this won’t be the case for the TSA-Approved Glam 4-Step patented pouch. It is small and light, making it the ideal travel companion, and allowing you to keep up with your skincare routine on the go.

  • Regenerating lackluster skin

This is particularly a problem if lots of hours were spent sunbathing without adequate skin protection. Here, you particularly want to work with formulations that have skin-renewing attributes, to repair damages caused – and you can get this in agents like the Recover 4-step Facial, which has ingredients like the collagen boosting Eucalyptus globulus extract and also the Eucalyptus globulus extract which heals and strengthens the skin.

  • Battling the breakouts

Those odd, random blemishes on your skin caused by temperature and humidity changes are normal. Fortunately, a routine face mask treat can help you. Natural clays are particularly handy here, drawing out the impurities and handy brightening up the skin.