The Tea Extract That Gives Your Skin A Youthful Glow

Chinese legend has it that at around 2,700 BC, Emperor Shen Nong was in his garden boiling some water, and leaves falling from a Camellia sinensis tree landed in his pot, changing the water. Upon further scrutiny of the plant, which is native to Southeast Asia, it began being used in tea – a practice that has remained to this day. Now the plant is used across the board, from preparing cooking oils, making ointments, flavouring foods and drinks, and even alcoholic products. The flowers are actually used when preparing tempura butter, and the fragrance they produce also makes them an ingredient in some perfumes and scented candles. Its medical applications are traced back to even before it began being used for tea, especially due to its properties in reducing toxins in the body. It's no surprise that it is widely used in the skin care industry – but how exactly does it help?

  • Fights off aging
  • Oxidative damage is a leading cause of premature aging. This damage is attributed to the free radicals that are produced when your skin is exposed to environmental aggressors – ranging from everyday pollution and dirt, to UV radiation. The Camellia sinensis extract is packed with antioxidants that counteract these free radicals, helping you maintain that healthy, youthful vibrance of the skin.Β 

    The green tea extract also comes with ingredients like vitamins B2, E and C and minerals like zinc. These nutrients are needed for healthy skin, contributing to bringing that clear and glowing effect to your skin.Β 

  • Improves hydration
  • The primary cause of the skin becoming dry and looking dull is epidermal water loss. The extract soothes the skin, reducing the water loss, which is vital in maintaining its quality and structure.Β 

  • Anti-inflammation effect
  • The extract fights off UV-induced damage, redness and skin inflammation – whether it is taken as green tea, or infused topically through skin care products like with the exfoliating scrub in the Glam 4-Step Facial. Remember that UV radiation is one of the drivers of skin cancer. As such, using green tea extract helps in reducing the risks of the condition developing.Β 

  • Ward off acne
  • Troubled by excessively oily skin? Applying the extract topically to the skin – especially after cleansing it, helps with cleaning and shrinking pores, as well as regulating sebum production. This is key in keeping acne under control and fighting future breakouts.