Go Down The Skin Care Aisle This Holiday Season

Looking for a gift set for your loved one? Taking your pick from the beauty aisle is one sure way to show them that you care. In fact, shopping for beauty products can be a bit overwhelming, so why not ease their burden? Take this opportunity to make their skin care routine a luxe experience and pamper them with the Glam and Recover 4Step Facial Kits.

For the makeup enthusiasts

Is your friend, relative or significant other always insisting about putting their makeup on right? Do they keep fussing about how their skin feels all clammy underneath the makeup, or how shades or finishes aren't quite spot on? Prepare the base, and the rest will fall in place – and that's what the Glam 4Step Facial does. 

The Glam 4Step Facial Kit comes with an exfoliating scrub, microfiber sheet mask, hydration cream and replenishing eye cream. The kit’s purpose is to hydrate and prepare the skin for the makeup that will be applied. With ingredients like the Camellia sinensis extract with its anti-aging properties, and Apricot kernel extract that repairs damage to the skin and enhances its elasticity – it’s an all-round package that will have your loved one all glammed up.

To bring back the glow to the skin

Do they miss their youthful glow? Has the strain of everyday work life taken a toll on their skin? Then gift them with the Recover 4Step Facial Kit to replenish and revitalize their skin. While at it, you get to help them alleviate common problems like dry skin and wrinkling. 

With this one, you get a cleansing foam that contains Laminaria japonica extract which clears away the toxins building up on the skin, and a moisturizing cream with Eucalyptus globulus extract which is a collagen booster. The microfiber sheet mask contains Centella asiatica extract that strengthens the skin and improves its elasticity, while the revitalizing eye cream comes with Calendula flower extract to reduce premature aging and restore that youthful vitality. 

….and you can’t get it wrong

Skin care gifts that don't clash with your loved one’s favorite suits or heels? Yes. 

With the Glam and Recover 4Step Facial Kits, you don’t have to worry about your gift not matching with their skin tone or personal style. The products work directly on the skin to improve its health, after which they themselves can pick whichever makeup or shade they’d like to use. Get the individual kits or a combo pack kits at IPO Cosmetics.