Michelle Kim: From Fashion to Facial Kits

“Don’t try to cheat or cut corners with your quality to save money. Consumers will notice that and not come back to buy again.”- Michelle Kim

Michelle Kim is a customer-centered businesswoman and product junkie dedicated to creating high-quality skincare products.

Before launching IPO Cosmetics, Michelle had a successful career in the fashion industry. She spent 20 years working and thriving as a fashion designer and launched several contemporary brands including the wildly popular MK2K and 213 Industry.

Michelle admits that leaving fashion behind to pursue her skincare brand dreams was not an easy move.

“At first, I was hesitant and uncomfortable, then I started to talk about my breast cancer and now, I am proud of overcoming breast cancer, and I am really looking forward to helping others because of the experience.”

The fight that changed it all

When Michelle got her diagnosis of breast cancer, her world was shaken to the core. The fight was long and brutal including multiple invasive biopsies, several surgeries, radiation, and 5 years of medication.  

One of the most frustrating side effects of this entire fight for Michelle was the toll that it took on her skin. 

Between the physical and psychological effects of the illness and the different treatments, Michelle’s skin suffered a lot of damage. She noticed all sorts of changes from discoloration to wrinkling and generally rapid aging. 

It is during this period of her time that Michelle became conscious of her skincare and the products she chose to use. 

As she did more research and paid closer attention to what was in the products she used, she realized that there was a huge niche in the cosmetics industry for affordable, high quality, eco-friendly, and sustainable products. 

“What IPO Cosmetics does differently is that we focus on the quality of ingredients versus the marketing aesthetic. Utilizing my patented 4-step pouches, I’m able to put more capital and resources towards the actual product that people will love.”

This is where the IPO Cosmetics brainchild was born. 

Enter IPO Cosmetics 

IPO Cosmetics is truly a revolutionary brand and has had more impact than Michelle would ever have imagined. 

“During the initial research and development phase, I discovered that a majority of the budget ends up going towards packaging and marketing, not the ingredients or the content. It really blew me away! I wanted to change that, bring high-quality, effective product to the masses without bankrupting them for a product that doesn’t work” 

IPO Cosmetics’ innovative and patented 4Step Facial kits deliver a facial cleanser, eye cream, face cream and sheet mask all in the convenience of one single pouch. Glam 4Step Facial deeply hydrates the skin while Recover 4Step Facial moisturizes. Portable, recyclable, and affordable, each $8 facial kit is packed with high-quality ingredients that deliver a luxury facial experience without the luxury cost. All items are paraben, sulfate, artificial fragrance and cruelty free, and TSA approved.

IPO Cosmetics has already been recognized by some of the biggest publications in the world including InStyle, teenVOGUE, Nylon, and The Zoe Report and was recently awarded “Best Sheet Mask Brand” of 2020 by Luxe Life.

What is next for Michelle Kim?

Michelle recently launched M-Patch – an aromatherapy patch that goes directly on the outside of your protective mask. It’s infused with aromatherapy oils and botanicals that work together to ease breathing, decrease stress, freshen breath, and reduce headaches.

She is also in the process of developing new 4Step kits including: 4Men, 4Acne, 4Hair, 4Body.

The best part is that Michelle Kim’s journey didn’t just inspire her to start an awesome skincare brand. It prompted her to start a support community for breast cancer warriors and survivors as well as their loved ones. 

If you or someone you know needs that safe space and the community support, then the IPO Cosmetics family might just be the place for you.