Summertime is a great time to travel whether it is to see family or even for a much-needed vacation after a long year of hard work. The last thing you want on your trip is to feel trapped in clammed up skin, or spend your days nursing sunburns. 

As you plan for your trip this year, it is very important that you remember to pack a few items to help you keep up with your skincare routine. This is because summer is already a challenging time of year for your skin with all the heat and direct sun exposure. Travelling just makes things even harder as you now have to factor in things like the stress of travelling, and the fact that you may not have the time or energy to keep up with your routine. A packed diary may just make you skip on crucial bits that your skin needs. 

The good news is that taking good care of your skin as you travel is not impossible. In fact, here are 5 life-saving tips that should help you meet your summer skincare goals.

Stay hydrated

Summer heat almost inevitably causes dehydration as you lose plenty of body water through sweating. Your skin needs this water to remain supple and healthy. 

As you travel this summer, make sure to keep a bottle of water with you at all times to help you meet your daily hydration requirements. 

Give your skincare routine a makeover

Your spring or winter skincare system will not work the same for summer especially if you are constantly on the move. 

Take the time to come up with a new routine that factors in the unique seasonal challenges. This may involve increasing the frequency of things like exfoliating and moisturizing while cutting back on heavy makeup.

Invest in travel skincare kits

Travel kits are skincare must haves for your summer vacation plans. They are designed to help you keep up with your skincare practices while being convenient to pack and travel with. 

IPO Cosmetics' Glam and Recover 4-Step Facial Kits hit that sweet balance spot between convenience and effectiveness for beautiful summer skin. 

Actually take time to rest and relax

Traveling can be really stressful with all the planning, traveling, and adjusting to a new environment. Remember that the whole point of taking a break was to rest and recover. This will do wonders not only for your brain but also for your skin as you travel this summer. 

Never leave home without sunscreen on

Finally, the cardinal rule of summer skincare while travelling is to always have sunscreen on. And to be safe, just carry an extra tube with you everywhere just in case you leave in a hurry and forget to apply the sun protection.