The Premium Skincare Gift Of The Season

The holidays are finally here, and it’s time to make merry with friends and family. However, this season can also get stressful – from the dipping temperatures, getting through finals week, making travel plans, meeting those end-year work deadlines, all through to the last-minute shopping. Psychological stresses and environmental aggressors can take a toll on the skin. As you shop for gifts for your loved ones, how about swapping to a set of products that will enable them counter the winter blues and maintain that healthy glow?

Holiday Self-Care With IPO Cosmetics

Picture this: A skincare gift that she can use on the go. Light enough to pack into her carry-on, and even get through those strict in-flight TSA requirements at the airport, and still meet her Winter moisturizing needs, especially with the low levels of humidity around. A product that does away with the excess material used in packaging, and strips it down to a simple travel-friendly kit. That's the convenience you can give your loved one with IPO Cosmetics luxury 4-Step skin care system. 

Here, you have Glam and Recover 4-Step Facial pouches, proving premium skin care products without you having to break the bank. After all, in the beauty industry lots of money goes is channelled into packaging and marketing, as opposed to the quality of the product itself. This is why the founder Michelle Kim focused on getting rid of the bulky extras and optimizing on product quality with the facial pouches. The pouches are a handy addition to your loved one’s travel kit as she goes on trips this holiday.

  • Glam 4-Step Facial
  • This pouch comes with an exfoliating scrub, microfiber sheet mask, hydration cream and replenishing eye cream. She will use it to hydrate the skin, with the product leveraging on the power of ingredients like cucumber extract that hydrates and soothes the skin, apricot kernel extract that enhances its elasticity and Camellia sinensis extract that firms it up for that youthful look and feel. It’s great for prepping the skin before applying makeup.

  • Recover 4-Step Facial
  • This kit works to moisturize and revitalize the skin – which is particularly handy with the toll that the holiday activities take on a person, or for that lady who wants to get a head start on anti-aging.  Laminaria japonica extract gets rid of the toxins, Eucalyptus globulus extract enhances collagen, and there’s also the Centella asiatica extract to heal the skin. She can apply this after her day's activities, to nourish and rejuvenate her skin through the festive period.

    So, gift your partner, best friend, mom, sister or daughter a skincare treat this holiday. One that will form part of her daily routine, for which she will always remember you whenever she gives herself an at-home spa treatment.