Coping with Face Mask Discomfort

We hear you – wearing a face mask can get uncomfortable. Despite the annoyance though, the masks remain to be one of the most effective means of protection from airborne pathogens, especially novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Also, physiologically and medically, there's no risk in wearing masks. 

But it doesn’t mean that there are no challenges. Take mask-induced anxiety for instance. This is fueled by the individual's perception of the masks. Many of the notions are fueled by myths and misconceptions peddled online. They cause the person to have a phobia – excessive worry about something that isn’t an actual threat to them. 

Moreover, face masks were not something that people naturally wear. Things can get hot, and the discomfort intensifies the longer that one remains in the mask. Some feel claustrophobic, others are worried that the mask alters their image. Those wearing glasses already know about the steaming up that occurs when in a face mask, disrupting vision.  However, there are steps you can take to have an easier time, while still protecting yourself.

Dealing With Face Mask Difficulties

Overcoming mental blocks

With aspects like anxiety, this is in the mind. It’s the same way some people fear riding on elevators, and new drivers dread getting on the freeway. The good thing is that this puts it in your control. The way out is slowly making yourself do it, bit by bit, for increasing durations each time and in different environments. When you get uncomfortable, take off the mask and relax.

Infuse a calming aroma

Here, you get to take advantage of the aromatherapy effects of essential oils. With solutions like M-Patch, you apply it on the face mask, and go about your day as you get soothed by a proprietary blend of essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon and bergamot. This delivers a fresh and soothing effect, making it handy especially for those cases where you will be in a face mask for long hours.

Bring in some fun

If you’re going to be wearing the mask, you might as well enjoy it too. Go for decorative masks that complement your wardrobe, so that you can strut out in style. Motto or logos work too. In this case, you're taking that mask to be a fashion accessory that expresses your identity.  Feel free to explore design elements that you can have added to the mask as a DIY, or go with prefabricated units that are widely available.