The Secret to Success for Your Skincare on The Go

Few feelings in life can match the absolute grossness that you feel after a long day of being on the grind. This is the kind of icky feeling that only a nice bath or a long shower, as well as some tender love and care on your skin, can get rid of.

Whether you were up and down your hometown running errands or traveling around the world for work, keeping up with your skincare routine is non-negotiable. But who wants to be dragging around a huge bag of products that will need painstaking sorting to use at the end of an exhausting day?

That is where IPOs patented 4-Step GLAM and RECOVER Facial Kits come in handy.

These facial kits combine the convenience of compact packaging and the effectiveness of high-quality, premium skincare products. That way, your constant traveling or super busy schedule don’t negatively impact your well-curated and important skincare routine.

Let’s take a closer look at what IPO’s GLAM and Recover 4-Step Facial Kits have to offer you.

GLAM 4-Step Facial Kit

One of the secrets to a flawless face beat is well-prepared skin. That is exactly what the GLAM 4-Step Facial Kit from IPO offers. Which, by the way, is also 100% vegan! The package includes:

Exfoliating scrub

You will need a smooth surface to apply all your glam products and the exfoliating rub is perfect for the job. It has antioxidant green tea flakes and soothing Camelia sinensis extracts.

This facial scrub not only gets rid of dead skin but helps reduce inflammation in case you are experiencing flareups. The best part is that the scrub is very gentle on all skin types.

Microfiber sheet mask

After a good skin scrubbing session, the next thing your face will need is something soothing. This sheet mask is beta glucan-infused and will help stimulate collagen in your skin for a beautiful, youthful glow that will shine even through the makeup.

Hydration cream

The hydration cream is made from cucumber and has a glorious soothing effect on the skin. Just gently massage it onto your face and neck before you apply your makeup, and it will protect your skin throughout the day.

Replenishing eye cream

The skin around your eyes and mouth often needs a bit of extra care considering how much it moves. This replenishing cream contains apricot kernel extracts which help increase elasticity and thus reduce formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

No more worrying about awkward creases in your foundation after putting so much effort into blending it perfectly.

RECOVER 4-Step Facial Kit

For the woman or man on the go, skin damage is almost inevitable. It could be anything from excessive sun exposure to dehydration and general fatigue that takes a swing at your skin.

IPO’s RECOVER 4-Step Facial Kit will help you not only recover from this damage but also help protect your skin moving forwards. Here are the 4 superstars in this package. 

Cleansing foam

This skin cleansing foam is made from tea flakes and has antiaging and antioxidant effects that your skin will definitely need after taking a beating all day. Just massage it onto your skin and rinse it off with some warm water.

Advanced microfiber sheet mask

The advanced microfiber sheet mask from the RECOVER 4-Step Kit is different from what you get in the GLAM package. This particular mask includes Centella asiatica extracts which help to improve skin strength and elasticity for a revitalizing effect.

Moisturizing cream

The moisturizing cream includes green tea extracts. These have antioxidant effects for healthier and optimally functioning skin cells. The cream also helps with repairing damage from dryness with its moisturizing and moisture-preserving effects.

What’s awesome is that it is effective without being too heavy on the skin.

Revitalizing eye cream

Finally, you have the smoothing and firming effects of the Calendula flower extract to look forward to with the revitalizing eye cream. You can use this around the eyes, on the nose, around the lips and anywhere else on your face that you are prone to getting wrinkles.