The Sheet Masks That Will Boost Your Skin This Summer

You want to be able to enjoy some sun and sun at the beach without your skin getting all burnt and dried up. Taking those outdoor adventures with your family and friends doesn’t have to come at the cost of making you feel all shrivelled up in your skin. Whether you're spending your days playing tennis at the club or couped up in the office poring through files, your skin needs proper care. As the seasons change, the summer conditions make skin feel all dry and flaky. You can’t just slather on a heavy cream and go about your day. 

So how do you approach this? Well, sticking with a moisturiser can help – but you want your skin all fresh and rejuvenated. And you can do that with a 15-20 soak of a sheet mask, which gives you that moisturizing, calming and soothing action you desire for your skin.

Glam 4-Step Facial: For Your Hydration Any Time of Day 

Use this after putting yourself under the mercies of that big ball of fire in the sky. Start by wetting your face, then gently massaging it with the non-abrasive scrub provided. Next, set the sheet mask on your skin for 15 minutes, before dabbing on the hydration cream and eye cream. Even those suffering from redness, flaking, irritation and similar skin problems can still take advantage of Glam, letting its gentle ingredients to get you through those sunnier months. 

Handy tip: Having Glam in your skin care arsenal also gives you the optimal setup to prepare your skin for your make up – to rock your day in confidence or feel pampered during your night out.

Recover 4-Step Facial: After-Sun Care or When You Feel Extra Dry

The hot, humid weather can take a toll on the skin. The combination makes the sebaceous glands more active – making more breakouts likely. Sweat glands kick into high gear, then combine this with bacteria as well as friction from the body. UV rays, chlorinated water drying out the skin during your dip in the pool – stripping the natural hydrating oils from the skin, all though to heat triggering eczema flare-ups – there are different ways the skin can be affected. 

After your day of fun in the sun, use the cleansing foam and sheet mask with Recover 4-Step Facial to soothe your skin. It's particularly beneficial for those with dull, dry skin, infusing it with nutrients to make it all supple and smooth. Make it a routine every night to bring back that radiant skin.