Pamper Your Skin Daily With A Sheet Mask

You want your skin to be vibrant and feel fresh all through, and soft and supple as you go about your day’s activities. Will using sheet masks daily help you get there, or will it be too much and irritate your skin? Well, it turns out that it's actually good for you.

How It Helps

With the sheet mask boosting your hydration levels, it basically kicks moisturizing into high gear, as opposed to the conventional moisturiser products out there. This also helps the skin absorb nutrients. 

Sheet masks are way faster compared to normal masking, where you would need to apply a paste to the whole face, which later needs to be washed off. With sheet masks, simply give your skin a gentle scrub prior, apply the sheet mask, then dispose it off. It is recommended that you go for sheet masks that come with components like niacinamide and vitamin C.

Do you like niacinamide have sensitive skin? You're already limited on the number of products to use to remain hydrated. Sheet masks come in handy since there will be less chances of irritation as the concentration of preservatives here is reduced. 

Issues to Note

While the daily sheet masks will be beneficial to you, there is a catch: Sheet masks coming with glycolic acids and similar exfoliating acids will be too strong for such frequent use, leading to irritation. Here, fewer applications are made per week.

Are you acne-prone? Well, you should also go slow on this regimen. The occlusive nature of the products can result in the pores getting blocked, which aggravates acne. Those with a high susceptibility to breakouts should only use the sheet mask once a week. 

Adding Sheet Masks To Your Skincare Routine

This is a walk in the pack. Products like the IPO Cosmetic’s Glam give you a quick approach where you can basically give yourself a gentle facial at home while you watch some TV, read through some blogs, or type away at your laptop. It can be part of your morning routine as you prep for the day – before applying makeup, or at night as you clear the effects of the day and soothe your skin to wake up hydrated. You can even use the sheet mask when you’re in the shower – as long as you’re not getting water on the face while the mask is on.