Right from Marigold Flowers onto Your Skin - How Calendula Flower Extract Works

Flowers are not just great for aesthetics. Some of them can be highly beneficial for your skin. Soothing effects, hydration, to protecting the skin - their value is widespread across the beauty and skin care industry. One of the most common is pot marigold - also known as Calendula officinalis.  

Calendula extract, which is derived from the petals, leaves, and seeds of the marigold flower has been in used as part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, and is also commonplace in Western medicine today, from treating ulcers to reducing fevers and preventing muscle spasms. But you’re here about the skin – so let’s focus on that. 

Benefits Of Calendula Flower Extract for The Skin

One of the most common causes of skin issues is inflammation – where it leads to breakouts, eczema and sensitivity. The soothing effects of the calendula flower extract comes in handy here, due to the flavonoid, saponins, and triterpenoids it contains. This reduces the body’s production of histamines – responsible for the allergic reactions and inflammation, making skin issues easier. In fact, you can use it together with other ingredients used to battle acne such as benzoyl peroxide. 

You can also nourish your skin with the fatty acids that as in the calendula extract especially due to the linoleic acid it contains. Here, the ability of the skin cells to absorb nutrients and retain water for longer periods is enhanced - which is particularly beneficial for those with dry skin problems. 

The flavonoids mentioned are an antioxidant - making the calendula flower extract a key agent that can help battle free radical damage on the skin.

Even UV resistance comes into the picture. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) properties of calendula have been showing in lab studies - though more evidence is still being compiled before fronting it as a complete sunscreen. 

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