The Power of the Cucumber Extract

You're already aware of the popular "beauty hack" where people place two cucumber slices over their eyes as they wear a face mask. Legend even has it that cucumbers were part of Cleopatra’s beauty regimen. They are also a very common part of spa treatments, for moisturising the area under the eyes, and reducing puffiness. 

What’s all the fuss about cucumbers for skincare? Well, the juice is loaded with lipids, proteins, Vitamin C, as well as a couple of minerals. The cucumber is also 96% water. This gives the cucumber extract moisturising and emollient properties – which happens to be great for skincare. Let's delve deeper into this. 

How Cucumber Extract Benefits Your Skin

For starters, the vitamin C and folic acid content of the cucumber enables it to soothe damaged skin. This is also what’s behind it making the eyes look -and actually feel- refreshed, reducing the swelling in the eye area. That’s why it is used to depuff the under eyes during spa treatments, as well as the cooling relief it provides against irritation. 

The phytochemicals that are in cucumber extract are anti-inflammatory – and combining this with the vitamins C and K that are in it makes the extract highly effective in dealing with free radicals. This allows the skin to cool off. Moreover, since it is a natural astringent, it helps in battling the effects of UV radiation and pollution on the skin. 

Do you have acne-prone sin? You can take advantage of the soothing properties of cucumber - especially when combining it with essential oils such as tea tree oil – to ward off the breakouts. Rubbing the cucumber directly on the skin also helps in this. 

The soothing and hydration effects of the cucumber extract make it particularly beneficial for enabling the skin to heal quickly, and also prevent the aging and wrinkling that are caused by sun damage. So, when you’re up and about – whether it’s your day-to-day work life or you’re hitting the beach, having the extract around will help you take care and rejuvenate your skin. 

Add Cucumber Extract To Your Skin Routine With Glam 4-Step Facial

The value of the cucumber extract makes it a prominent ingredient of the Glam Facial treatment - where you get to take care of your skin on the go. The kit comes with a non-abrasive scrub to clean the face with, a sheet mask that you leave on the skin for 15 minutes, and hydration cream for its soothing action. Here, you get to rejuvenate your skin even for sensitive cases, and is ideal whether you’re looking to get your makeup on point, or for a weekly homecare facial regimen.