Win the Battle Against Dry, Itchy Skin

Dry skin has a myriad of causes. Sure, the common theme is lack of moisture and oil – but the underlying cause will determine the most appropriate mode of dealing with the issue.

Genetic risk factor

Let’s start off with one where you have no control over. Yes, you can 'inherit' dry skin. Studies show that mutations in genes responsible for controlling filaggrin production – a protein needed for the formation and hydration of the skin barrier, can lead to skin conditions. Here, the individuals often get drier skin, and are more susceptible to getting eczema conditions such as atopic dermatitis. So, if dry skin is an everyday issue for your family, then daily moisturisation is essential. Here, you want to be looking for products that have lipids and ceramides, which aid in reinforcing the skin barrier.

The soap effect

From soaps & shampoos used in the shower to laundry detergents – these sap the moisture from the skin and remove oil, which is why extra care should be taken when choosing the products used. For instance, going with a moisturizing body wash beats the conventional bar soap. A similar case applies to detergents, where if you have dry skin, you should particularly be on the lookout for gentle laundry soaps

When hard water gets in the way

Are you in an area prone to hard water problems? Those dissolved salts like calcium and magnesium compounds can leave behind a film on the skin surface, causing dryness. If there are heavy metals, this thickens the oil that is on the skin, causing it to plug your glands. Basically, it comes in the way of the skin absorbing moisturizers, and also exacerbates conditions such as acne. In this case, consider getting a home filtration system that either treats the water used by the whole house, or one that can be fixed onto the faucets. Going for skin-care solutions that come with vitamins A and C also helps in counteracting the coatings that are left behind by the hard water. 

Dry air

Whether it’s due to seasonal changes in your home, or you’ve travelled to an area with lower low humidity levels, it can cause the skin to feel dry and itchy. A humidifier helps, especially for homes. What about when you’re moving around? A handy pouch with moisturizing tools like the Recover 4-Step Facial will keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.

Final thoughts

Dry skin is one of the most common skin complaints with most people. Simple frequent habits like using a moisturizing lotion or creams, even products like Vaseline before you go to bed can really moisturize your skin and won’t hurt your wallet!