Traveling Soon? Forget Your Bulky Toiletry Bag

Can you keep your skin healthy and happy on the go? And do you have to drag around heavy bags on your trip for your skincare regimen?

Taking a toll on your healthy glow

Traveling, while great, does have its troubles – even when you’re globe-trotting to exotic locations. Top among them is the effect of the journey on your body, especially your skin. How will the changing weather affect you? What do you need to pack to adapt to the changing conditions? Fluctuations in pollution levels and even the choice of food you take can affect your skin while on your trip.

Changing air, like when it gets dry or humid, causes the skin to break out. Forget to drink sufficient water? It dehydrates the skin further. Shuffling between those flights and train journeys, or spending time on road trips means that you may not get sufficient time to properly wash the skin – and this causes dead skin to accumulate and clog your pores. Suddenly you have breakouts and uneven skin tone to worry about. 

What about the skin care products laid out for you in the hotel you're checking into?  These range from face wash and body lotions, to shampoo, cleanser and soap. It’s very accommodative of the hotel, and shows their hospitality. But what happens if they are not suitable for your particular skin type? The sudden change in skin care products can add to the breakouts and cause more skin issues. 

The Lighter Travel Bag

Skincare doesn't have to be a complicated process. You don’t have to carry big, bulky, heavy regular size bottles for your skin needs. You don’t have to stock up on facial wipes/towelettes or mist sprays to spritz on your face throughout the trip. Getting multiple facial cleaners for dealing with the dirt and pollution that you encounter or multiple moisturizers for the drying effects encountered on the journey – they take up lots of space.

What if you can get it all  from a handy product that seamlessly fits into your bag – and barely adds to the weight?

Turn to IPO Cosmetics solutions:

Soothe and hydrate your skin with Glam 4-Step Facial. You get it all in one pouch: 

  • Non-abrasive exfoliating scrub
  • Sheet mask that you place on your face for about 20 minutes
  • Hydration cream that you spread on your face and neck
  • Replenishing eye cream which goes around the eyes and lips. 

You get to conveniently carry out your facial, hydrating your skin even for cases where you’re dealing with oily or problematic skin. The creams that remain from the application can be reused.  

Already have skin trouble? Then moisturize and rejuvenate with the Recover 4-Step Facial

You get it all in one pouch: 

  • Rich cleansing foam
  • Sheet mask that you place on your face for about 20 minutes
  • Nourishing moisturizing cream that you spread on your face and neck
  • Revitalizing eye cream which goes around the eyes and lips. 

What’s included in the pouch? A cleaner, sheet mask, face cream and eye cream. This particular pack is ideal for individuals with dull dry, tired skin. That way you won’t spend your trip worrying about your skin looking tired and dehydrated. Add it to your traveling kit and enjoy healthy, nourished skin.

What we recommend is to use Glam products for day and Recover products for night.  For a few nights away, all you need is a packet of Glam and Recover.  The cleanser, face cream, and eye cream are good to use multiple times. Just make sure you keep them closed and off the dirty countertop. It’s great to have these so you don’t suffer from bad skin days anymore!